The serie ,beasty breast‘ started in 2014 with the first video loop Arbeitszimmer [home office], made during a residency at the Burg Friedland NL Museum using one of the untouched rooms of an apartment from GDR time in the side wing of a castle from the 14th century. After the iron curtain fell, this apartment was no longer in use. The serie continues in various rooms that come available to me with its content to animate the breasts, the only strange item I bring with to rest on all objects found in a room, defining the room.

Picking up on the traditional single frame animation technique, I decided to show all tools to animate an object instead of hiding them. The method to move the breasts up and down through the objects becomes visible and at the same time the defining aspect of the space being used. The local archive literally supports the visitor and tells its own story at the same time.

Arbeitszimmer [home office], 2014

42 sec. videoanimation looped

Atelier [studio], 2016

1 min. videoanimation looped


Kalter Keller [cold celar], 2017

1:53 min. videoanimation looped


beasty breast‘

beasty breasts